A Reflection on Elizabeth Warren

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Super Tuesday is over, and Old Uncle Joe made a resounding comeback. He’s now the presumptive Democratic nominee. Bernie is a close second and could still pip Old Joe at the wire. Either way, Americans will be left to choose between two of three old white men aged 73, 77,and 78. The better candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has finally bowed out and we are the worse off for it. It would have been our great luck to see her go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden represents a relativist triangulation to the detriment of the country. His resurgence also ignores and dismisses the two best candidates, Warren and Sanders, as either unelectable or radical. This is despite the progressive candidates being the only ones who will truly help the working class and stand for the enshrined American value that all are created equal. Instead, we’ll have Biden the blatherskite: he’ll guffaw and stumble his way to a general election slaughter, all while preserving the milk toast racism that so many are all too comfortable with.

By passing over Warren for Biden (and to a lesser extent, Bernie), the voters have made a mistake. Elizabeth Warren is smart, articulate and hard working; the things John Kennedy claimed he was, and what everyone lauds him for.

Joe is not the answer, for a litany of reasons. He is the epitome of a big money, corporate-minded liberal. His voting record, from busing to the Iraq war, is atrocious. He wrote and pushed the disastrous Crime Bill, was an eager soldier in the War on Drugs, and his horrific treatment of Anita Hill played a pivotal role in getting Clarence Thomas onto the Supreme Court. Biden suffers from many of the same shortcomings that drove so many Midwest and Rust Belt union workers away from Clinton. The main difference between them is that Biden is older, while Clinton is significantly more competent.

Unlike Biden, Sanders shares many of the same goals as Warren, and in some cases is even further left. He understands the failures of past administrations and has obviously been fighting the same struggle for fifty years. He is a revolutionary, influential; but also radical to a fault. It is not a secret that he is unwilling to work with the DNC, and likewise they are unwilling to work with him. By actively selling himself as waging a battle against both the Republicans and the Democratic establishment, Sanders has self-sabotaged his own campaign.

This stands in stark contrast to Warren, who repeatedly attempted to make inroads with the DNC establishment. Although this maneuvering was not always popular within progressive camps, it represented the best chance for Warren and her campaign to maintain momentum. In doing so, Warren showcased an ability for compromise that Sanders unfortunately does not possess or display. That she was willing to try and find a balance between her progressive values and the desires of the liberal establishment speaks volumes of her credibility as a leader.

I hope I am wrong, but the nominee will be Biden. Wall Street is dumping money into his campaign, pushing the narrative that Joe is the kind of vanilla white man that everyone can stomach, even if the taste isn’t always so great. Never mind his checkered record or apparently failing health.

That said, even with an uninspiring corpse like Biden at the head of the party, the Democrats are still by far the better option. The GOP has shown time and time again that they care only about evangelical issues, breaking unions, reckless deregulation of the markets, plundering the environment, social support for the military industrial complex, and maintaining the twisted power structure that brutally oppresses minorities and marginalized communities. Biden represents a chance to stem that tide for a few years. He will not usher in any great social change, but things will at least deteriorate slower than under Trump.

The problem is that he still has to defeat Trump, who is nimble and whose acerbic wit and penchant for one liners make for a tough challenge and a formidable opponent. I suspect Joe will flounder. If his recent debate performances are any indication, Biden is a step slow and not up the task of battling wits. Trump may well eat him alive, especially when Joe inevitably stumbles with his trademark gaffes, which is now his trademark.

On the other hand, Warren has already proven to be adept at dismantling old white men, having cut Mike Bloomberg down to size in a matter of minutes. Bloomberg, while marginally better than Trump, is still about as close to the Donald as you can get without hairspray. In terms of their grotesque histories of sexism and misogyny, they are nearly indistinguishable. So, if Warren can cut down Bloomberg for calling a woman a horse faced lesbian, imagine how easily she could destroy a pussy grabbing hate monger. 

Aside from that, she is younger than the three old men up there. She is articulate and smart, she thinks through problems, and seemingly cares about everyone. If she were a man, she would be the nominee, and would almost certainly cruise to a landslide win over Trump.

Instead, our fates have been sealed: 2020 will ultimately be a battle between two old white men, and more than likely forced to choose yet again between the lesser of two evils. Not only is Warren a better leader than Biden or Trump, but she came prepared with better ideas and a set of values that truly represent the spirit of America. She was the best candidate on that stage; it is a shame that others could not see it.