Disaster! Baby Yoda just admitted to being a Trump Supporter on Twitter

Oh no! Earlier today, Baby Yoda tweeted out his support for Trump during the impeachment proceedings and now he is getting ratio’d on Twitter! Looks like everyone’s favorite force sensitive TV baby is actually a card-carrying Republican. Talk about a totally unexpected bummer.

Baby Yoda stole all our hearts the moment those big black eyes peered up at us from the comforts of his widdle bassinet. From that point on, Baby Yoda has been the bona fide superstar of The Mandolorian, Disney’s flagship series for their new Disney+ streaming platform. From his cute little smock and the way he waddles around drinking bone broth soup, to when he used the force to lift that rampaging mudhorn up into the air so that Mando could stab it in the face, Baby Yoda has delighted viewers each week with his charming and beloved antics… Until now!

Baby Yoda represented all that was good and pure in the galaxy – and was perfect for countless hilarious and relatable memes! But now that he has publicly admitted to supporting one of the most vile and corrupt administrations in United States history, it’s hard to look at his adorable little green face the same. To make matters worse, Baby Yoda is fifty years old. That means in addition to Trump, he probably also voted for Romney, Bush, other Bush, and possibly even Reagan! Talk about a buzzkill!

This is shocking, to say the least. Even though Baby Yoda is clearly the product of an elite marketing team looking to create massive merchandising opportunities for a multi-billion dollar franchise controlled by one of the worlds largest and most powerful media conglomerates, it is still totally crazy to think that he supports corporate tax breaks and the unraveling of environmental protections. You almost have to wonder if the reason Pedro Pascal won’t take his helmet off is because otherwise Baby Yoda might try to report him to ICE! Awkward!

Now that Baby Yoda has outed himself as a Trump supporter, it’s tough to say what will happen next. Will fans of The Mandolorian finally be able to look past his cuteness and admit that the show is little more than boring fan-service packaged into a series of poorly written and disjointed western tropes? Probably not! But at least now we can all agree that Baby Yoda sucks.